Investor Information

At La Jolla Funding Group, we can help you choose from our extensive portfolio of existing commercial real estate trust deeds and hard money loans based on your individual investment needs. Some notes may be purchased in their entirety, others are available through fractionalization to suit your particular investment level. La Jolla Funding Group’s commercial real estate investments and other hard money loans consistently average between 9-13%. Ask us to discuss with you La Jolla Funding Group’s long-standing successful payment and pay off history.


Become an Investment Associate…

We have a personal relationship with every investor. We are committed and focused on giving our investors the protection and flexibility they need.

Every investment holds a certain amount of risk. Our confidence in your success is enough that we’ll even take the risk with you. La Jolla Funding Group often invests its own money and stays in the notes with the investor.

That is what being an Investment Associate means for every investor. When you invest with us, you often do invest with us.

Your investments are an important and serious matter. To find out what notes are available, call us at (858) 487-3001 or let us call you.